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Nuggets Acts 6:1-7
The 3 D's: Division, Discussion and Decision.
The problem is not the problem but its how the problem is handled. Whenever a problem occur God always gives wisdom to solve it. In the Church there are issues that should be kept private and others for everyone's consumption. A Church cannot be healthy without the ministry of the Word. When we delegate, it does not mean the job is beneath the delegator. If you see that something is to be done, do not wait to get it done if you can do it. When we delegate, it encourages us to serve God. When we choose or delegate people to do a job or task we have to trust them. We should not choose those that are babes in the Lord because we might discourage them spiritually due to the overwhelming work. We are all gifted differently. When there is a problem it does not mean that it is the end of the road. Ask God for wisdom to tackle the problem. When problems are well handled the church prospers. Pastors should not be too involved in matters that would distract them from meditating on the Word. There are issues in the Church that can be sorted out by other pastoral members/delegated members so there is order. There are times we get to a point when we have to make decisions that affect other peoples lives. At that point we must not take it lightly and need to ask God for wisdom. Leadership a times is not based on age. 5/11/11 Acts 6: 7-15, 7:1-34 Being involved in ministry is different from being in leadership. Leadership involves ability to withstand some shock/challenge. Leadership roles are not for babies. No matter the leadership position we occupy, it should not stop us from preaching. Doing your secular work also requires you to perform spiritual duties of speaking the WORD. Weve got to be students of the WORD because we cannot defend what we do not know. !